Where to practice Windsurf on French lakes

Do you plan to visit France ?
And, above all, do you wish to practice Windsurf in our country ?

If so, I hope that you will enjoy this site. 

Welcome to "Windsurf sur eau plate" !

Site name translation is literally "Windsurfing on flat water".

This site is mainly dedicated to all places where you can practice windsurf in France except for the seas.
Lakes, ponds, and all locations where to windsurf in France.

But if you want to windsurf only on our seas, please hold on !
All the interesting links for the North Sea, Manche, Atlantic or Mediterranean spots are listed here.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to translate all my pages but I give you hereunder some tips to help you to understand them.

index :: Homepage
The way to go back to the homepage.

Présentation :: Presentation
This is the main presentation where I introduce myself and describe the pages contents.
I live next to Paris, so the first places I describe are the lakes  located less than 50 miles from Paris.
Although they are rather small, you can spend very nice sessions if you select the right places to go depending on the wind direction.
This correct selection is one of the objectives of this web site.

250 Mares :: 250 ponds
Right now, more than 250 spots are listed and classified by regions.
I'm not really familiar with all, so I give at least one address for each lake, where you can find further information. 
One or more web site links are also suggested, when available.

The next five pages are the descriptions of the main lakes situated near Paris. 

Cergy :: Cergy Neuville - NW is the best wind
This lake is located at the NW of Paris. One of its main advantage is that it is easily accessible by urban transport. 
The number of activities you can practice here makes Cergy very attractive, but being too close to Paris, it cannot be considered as the real countryside and is crowded in summer.
Best Winds comes from the North-West. 

StQuentin :: StQuentin - NW is OK too
This is the second lake easily accessible when you come from Paris. 
Best winds are North-West too.
You can find accomodation in the camping site located near.

G. Paroisse :: La Grande Paroisse - South wind
La Grande Paroisse is located on the East side of Paris, next to the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau .
This lake is reserved for windsurf and much appreciated by windsurfers in spite of its relatively small size. You also can go for nice walks along the Seine or in the beautiful countryside surrounding the lake.
All the winds except North winds are OK here. 

Lavacourt :: Lavacourt - SW in the country side
Too far from Paris to be reached with urban transport, it is a nice place in the countryside.
Its best wind is South West.
Very nice strolls can be had along the Seine when there is no wind.

Lery :: Lery Poses in Normandy
If you plan to visit Rouen in Normandy, you will not be disappointed.
Among other interests, it is a very beautiful town with lots of memories from the Middle Ages.
The lake of Lery Poses located nearby has a strong reputation of being very windy.
Drawback: You must know that you are at 100 km away from Paris.

Conversions :: Winds record, calculation and measurement
This page contains a little calculator in order to convert miles/km/Beaufort.
It also lists all the actual wind records on our planet and some jokes regarding 
the history of wind measurement.

Débutants :: Beginners
Some advices for beginners. How to feel the wind, the significance of vocabulary, security, and the main secret to your first lessons:
Do not be afraid to fall in water. 

Lexique :: Windsurf and terms in use
A french interactive dictionnary for all the windsurf terms in use.
I must admit that the interest of this page is limited for you, except if you want to translate it !!

Photo :: Photo
The best place if you are not french speaking.
It contains pictures of my favorite lakes.
With my friends, I also took some photos of other lakes.
Hourtin is located next to Bordeaux ( yes the famous wine area is also nice for flat water !).
Leucate is one of our famous lakes and probably the windiest one.
Some photos of the Atlantic coast in Vendée, my favourite destination for windsurfing on sea.
Some pictures of Lago De Garda in Italy were I have spent many holidays.

Liens :: Links
Wether you want to surf on sea or on lakes, here are all the links to the main French windsurfing sites.
One paragraph describes especially all the web sites, classified by regions from the North to the South. 
However, I am not sure that all these sites can welcome you in English !
BTW, french main newsgroup is "fr.rec.sport.voile.planche".

Musique :: Music
Added to my favorite sport, you will find here another of my hobbies, writing songs.
One jazzy song adaptation can be directly heard in MIDI format and three other are downloadable in MP3 format.

Discussions :: Message board
Not really a real time message board but a summary of all the exchanges I had with my visitors.
In the "Ailleurs" section you will find a comment regarding Leucate in English.

Contacts :: Contact me
To summarize, if you need further information or if you want to add comments on this site, do not hesitate to contact me directly at the following address: egui

BTW, for your bookmark, here is the site URL.

Well, I hope that all this informations will help you to spend a nice time in our country.

Have a nice visit !